Manufacturer of drop-forgings

The basis of our activity is the production of drop-forgings. Thanks to the experience gained, we offer forgings that meet the highest quality standards.

About our company

Our mission is to produce high-quality forgings while minimising the costs for their mechanical processing through the use of minimal technological allowances.

Fast delivery times

Thanks to our extensive experience and our own tool shop, we are able to provide you with high-quality steel forgings in a short time.

Detailed documentation

A team of experienced constructors and technologists during the entire project ensure that the final result meets 100% of the customer's expectations. At each stage of the production process, the customer can receive full documentation of what stage their project is currently at. We guarantee constant contact during the execution of the order. 

Delivery to the customer

We not only produce steel forgings, but also provide fast, well-secured transport directly to the address indicated.

Industries we work for

Our forgings are used in most industries. Starting from the automotive industry, where high-quality workmanship is the main determinant of production, to the mining industry, where the durability and strength of forgings is extremely important.